Awesome custom-made web-apps and e-commerce sites
Let me help you create the most awesome web-apps using industry standard frameworks and technologies. Flexibility, short lines of communication and perfection in the end result are keywords here. Want to know how I may help with your project? Contact me

What I do

I have more than 10 years' experience building software for clients all over the world. With my team of skilled designers and developers, we create the most awesome bespoke (custom made) web-apps and e-commerce sites for you.

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Custom web-apps

Custom web-apps are my specialty. With years of experience in both public and in-company web-apps, I'm confident the end result will delight you and make your day to day work easier.


With many years of experience in different e-commerce technologies you can be assured of a great-working e-commerce system for you and a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

3rd party integrations

Need to connect your business, website or web-app with external 3rd-party services? Add Paypal or Stripe payments? Need to connect to external data sources, or automatically perform actions based on certain events? Let me help you with that!

Vanilla PHP, HTML & CSS

Want something coded quickly? I got you covered. For simple scripts I can build on my 25+ years experience with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript so I can quickly deliver custom scripts that do exactly what you want.

Changes and Customizations

Do you have an existing website or web-app and want something changed or customized? No problem! I can add features or change the inner workings of your current code. With 25+ years of experience, I can quickly understand existing code, old or new!


Over the years, I've worked with many different platforms and (open source) packages and integrated countless 3rd party apps and services into existing code. Let me know your needs and I can advise you on the best way forward

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